TUCP condemns violence in Luisita; calls for creation of fact-finding body

The Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) today joined widespread condemnation of the violence that erupted yesterday in the dispersal of striking workers of the Central Azucarera de Tarlac and is calling for the creation of an independent fact-finding body to investigate the accountabilities of those involved in the tragedy.

Violence erupted yesterday in the picket lines as policemen and elements of the military dispersed striking workers. The dispersal turned violent after the strikers fought back hurling stones and molotov bombs. The melee resulted to the death of at least seven people and injuries to hundreds of others.

The TUCP in condemning the violence stressed that no bargaining issue between labor and management should result to loss of lives. TUCP adds that both parties have the responsibility to keep their members and representatives observe civility and acceptable terms of engagement.

“In this case the blood of the seven people lay in the hands of those who have failed to control or even pushed their people to such actions,” TUCP said.

The TUCP called for an impartial investigation into the matter to unmask those who have instigated the violence. “The Government should immediately create an independent fact-finding body that shall investigate what led to the deterioration of the situation, what or who started the violence, unmask the people behind the violence and file the necessary charges in court,” TUCP said.

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