TUCP hits back at critics of Social Accord

The Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) today hit back at detractors of the Social Accord it signed with employers groups yesterday.

The labor group, the largest in the country, condemned the Kilusang Mayo Uno (KMU) for what it calls misleading and malicious attacks.

Yesterday, the TUCP together with the Federation of Free Workers (FFW) and the Trade Unions of the Philippines (TUPAS) signed a social covenant which broadens cooperation between labor and employers in preserving jobs.

The KMU accused the TUCP of selling out workers when it agreed to sign a strike moratorium purportedly contained in the accord with employers and Government. TUCP denies that there is such a provision in the accord.

TUCP clarified that accord includes a commitment to minimize the conduct of strikes and give more effort to mediation and conciliation. The accord is also on voluntary basis and will only cover workers affiliated with the TUCP and its affiliated organizations.

On the other hand, employers groups committed to minimize lay-offs and retrenchments and to exercise all means to preserve existing jobs.

“There is absolutely nothing in the provision that infringes on workers right to go on strike. It only attempts to minimize strikes and lay-offs by holding more dialogue between labor and management and other conciliatory measures,” TUCP said

“What the KMU is saying a product of a malicious mind,” TUCP said.

“The accord is a timely intention of bridging the differences between organized labor and management, something that is direly needed especially in these difficult times. We need to keep workers on the job. The last thing we need now is an unstable industrial relations,” TUCP added.

“We can’t help KMU if they remain as dogmatic as they are. They are endlessly committed to their theory of class struggle. TUCP and other progressive organizations will not stop in pursuing all possible measures to protect the jobs and livelihood of workers and will not stop because KMU or its fronts are against it,” TUCP said.

TUCP surmised that KMU’s actions is linked with their plan to create more trouble in industrial relations by taking advantage of the pressures brought by the economic crises in the country.

“The KMU and their masters in the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) will not stop at anything in pursuing their goals of mass hysteria. This is demonstrated by their disdain for efforts at social dialogue and social order. This is the reason for their objections to the accord,” TUCP said in the statement.

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