TUCP urge Malacañang and Congress to take action against “Blessed 100”

“Scandalous! Outrageous! They have given a different meaning to public service,” this is how the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) describes the “fat checks” received by top officials of some government-owned-and-controlled corporations (GOCCs).

The TUCP is reacting to reports that came out of a hearing yesterday in the Senate where Budget Secretary Emilia Boncodin disclosed the names of executives of government-owned-and-controlled corporations (GOCCs) receiving big salaries. Boncodin named them as the “blessed 100”.

“The annual pay of one executive can already build homes for 40 families. It can even pay a months’ salary of 1,179 minimum wage earners,” TUCP observed.

“While we understand that running corporations need special skills and experience, we cannot reconcile with the fact that these officials are receiving even bigger salaries than their counterparts in the private sector,” TUCP said.

In the statement the TUCP urged Malacañang to immediately institute measures to rationalize the pay in GOCCs and other government financial institutions. The TUCP said that the report is a big blot to Malacañang’s calls for austerity.

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s efforts to streamline and cut down on public spending will amount to nothing unless this issue is given due course.

“Bottom line is, these officials should be taught better understanding of the meaning of public service,” TUCP added.

TUCP proposed that GOCCs incorporate in their annual reports the salaries and other emoluments received by its top officials and other employees and submit it to public scrutiny. “This will hopefully make them think better and prevent them from abusing the powers of their offices, said the TUCP.

TUCP also called on Congress to pass a law that will put cap on salaries of officers and employees of GOCCs and other Government Financial Institutions (GFIs) to prevent appointed officials from abusing the powers of their positions.

“If heads of departments and other agencies can live within the limits prescribed by the Salary Standardization Law where the pay of a Cabinet Secretary is no more than P35,000 a month, we don’t see any reason why a head of a GOCC should be earning 10 times more,” TUCP said.

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