Development Action for Women in TUCP (DAWN-TUCP)

To Commemorate National Women’s Day…


APPEASED by the increase of participation of women in the labor market and the subsequent gains in economic autonomy.

AFFIRM the various measures introduced by the Philippine Government to Address women’s economic and social rights, equal access to and control over economic resources and equality in employment.

DISSATISFIED by the inadequacy in the implementation of legislation and practical support systems to upgrade the working conditions of women.

IDENTIFIES the need for stronger actions to enforce the law in cases where gender and other forms of discrimination need to be fully implemented especially in the export processing zones, for example, stepping up of labor inspection; sexual harassment cases; the practice of “labor-only” contracting which curtail workers’ trade union rights; and the prevention of trade union organizing and industrial actions.

LABELS the above problems as serious obstacle and implementation gaps that prevent women workers from fully actually enjoying their human rights and from attaining decent work equality.

DAWN-TUCP, the TUCP women’s committee

URGES the Department of Labor and Employment to provide attention and arrange for immediate action towards the ratification of Convention 183 on Maternity Protection, which increases maternity leave to not less than 14 weeks and the cash benefits not to be less than 14 weeks and the cash benefits not to be less than 2/3 of the woman’s previous earnings; expanding the coverage to the informal sector; the protection of employment and provision of breaks for breast feeding as remunerative time.

SEEKS the commitment and cooperation of the DOLE for a joint information drive on the Convention on the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW) to facilitate the Adoption of the Optional Protocol of the CEDAW.

Adopted this 8th day of March 2001, TUCP Solidarity Hall, Quezon City.

Month – Workers’ month

“Hot for workers rights!”


Solidarity with CTU Myanmar,
trade unions around the world,
for democracy in Myanmar,
with the daily protests of
people in Myanmar against
the military coup and
continuing oppression.


Accept National Unity Government
(NUG) of Myanmar.
Reject Military!

#WearMask #WashHands

Time to support & empower survivors.
Time to spark a global conversation.
Time for #GenerationEquality to #orangetheworld!
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