Urge the Philippine Senate to pass the bill banning asbestos

Asbestos kills and you and your family are in danger!

Unseen asbestos fibers penetrate deep into the lungs when inhaled, causing incurable and deadly diseases. Fibers come from asbestos products in houses, buildings, workplaces and materials used as roofing felts, cement roofing and flat sheets and plywood substitutes, among other things.

There were people with no traceable exposure to asbestos who got mesothelioma, a form of cancer caused only by asbestos. Imagine the effect of asbestos on workers who manufacture and use asbestos, and carpenters, construction workers, garage workers handling asbestos products. How about the people – including you! – living in those houses and buildings?

Banning the use of asbestos is the best way to minimize hazards to health and safety of workers, their families and the general public. Urge the Senate to pass Senate Bill No. 89 to ban asbestos in the Philippines.

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